Mission to Haiti

Good News on September mission trip to Haiti we successfully opened a food bank in City Soleil what a blessing. But our work isn’t done it’s only the beginning. At this time we are still pushing to complete the orphanage and mission Home. I need your help and support. Please help me in providing shelter for over 500 children who otherwise would be sleeping on the streets. When it’s completed it will be a place of refuge and hope.

Omega Kingdom Ministry has been feeding close to 1500 people every year

Pastor Cadet started this organization in 2006 we are looking for people to join in our mission to feed the homeless and help the less fortunate while wining souls for the kingdom of God.We are looking for

Sponsors and missionary workers to assist us in this mission. Apostle Cadet started building an orphanage on his own in 2006 as well as a mission home for missionaries visiting the country which will cost them nothing to stay. We are at a phase in the struggle that we need others to come onboard offering their time as well as monetary help. We help people who can’t send the children to school, so we provide financial support, we also provide clean water in the most impoverished areas, something we take for granted daily. Apostle Cadet spends time on mission in some of the roughest areas sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ win souls handing out bible booklets and praying with and for the lost souls of Haiti. Trying to help pastor build church and feed the homeless.On the last mission trip Apostle started a food bank in city soiell it is our goal that no child go to bed hungry, Apostle Cadet Frantzcy Loves working with the children

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