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Paul’s encouragement to the believers in Colossae

Paul’s encouragement to the believers in Colossae Paul goes on to recognize that the transforming word of the gospel, which had been presented to the Colossians by one of Paul’s disciples, Epaphras, and which they had accepted gladly into their hearts, was in the process of radically reshaping the whole Roman Empire. In these verses […]

Paul’s powerful prayer for the believers in Colossae

Paul’s powerful prayer for the believers in Colossae   After affirming his thankfulness to God for revealing the Gospel of “grace..in truth” and praising the church in Colossae’s founder, Epaphras, calling him “our beloved fellow servant…a faithful minister of Christ on your behalf…”, Paul assures the Colossian church that, “..from the day we heard of […]


Dr. Cadet Mission trip to Haiti

Our goals include helping to establish a fully functional medical clinic near the orphanages we support. Plans are that these clinics are staffed by Haitian medical personnel to provide basic medical care for common illnesses such as malnutrition, malaria, anemia, high blood pressure as well as general illnesses and open sores which can be life […]


Support Our Orphanage

Support Our Orphanage We support and provide food, shelter, education and health care to the underprivileged children to transform and mold the children so that they can be a good citizen of there country and they will become doctors, engineers, teachers, nurses, social workers etc. We provide Daily meditation morning and evening Daily three time’s […]

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Good News – Haiti Mission

Good News on September mission trip to Haiti we successfully opened a food bank in City Soleil what a blessing. But our work isn’t done it’s only the beginning. At this time we are still pushing to complete the orphanage and mission Home. I need your help and support. Please help me in providing shelter […]