Support Our Orphanage
We support and provide food, shelter, education and health care to the underprivileged children to transform and mold the children so that they can be a good citizen of there country and they will become doctors, engineers, teachers, nurses, social workers etc.
We provide
  • Daily meditation morning and evening
  • Daily three time’s food is provided
  • Every day all the inmates can avail hot water both
  • Every evening 100 grams of milk egg are provided to every student
  • every year each children gets 3 pairs of dress 2 pairs of school uniforms, black shoes, two pairs of white canvas shoes.
  • every evening tuition is conducted for the children.
We run our orphanage by faith in God and pray to meet all our need. We trust God and wait upon Him to meet our needs through well-wishers.
Our organization has a special interest in children in low-income, working families, particularly those families that are struggling to meet their children’s basic human needs. As a small foundation with limited resources we seek financial support for orphanage. We don’t have foreign support, run by local support, roaming here and there to feed and care them. Would you please support us, so that our children and I will be thankful to you?
I seek your support, even small support can make more smile on their face. Would you please help us?